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Since ancient times, man has taken for granted all graces gifted to him, without considering the dire consequences of his excessive consumption and waste. As more and more people on Earth and increasing need for the blessings that the planet provides, it has become critical and necessary to preserve these graces, realize their evergreen essence in man’s life through coming up and accomplishing every way that maintain and balance their sustainability for use.

Being fully aware of what it needs to be taken care of, the UAE announced the launch of the first World Conference on Grace Preservance, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler's Representative in Al Dhafra Region and Chairman of the Emirates Red Crescent.

The UAE has long believed that preserving grace and reducing waste is a major challenge facing humanity, and this led to seriously establish a culture of grace preservance, and to educate society about the importance of the seven graces that must be taken care of and better used.

This conference is considered the first of its kind in the world, as it presents a large number of international practices in the field of grace preservance, and employment of artificial intelligence techniques in the field of sustainability, for effective waste reduction and grace preservance for the sake of next generation.

The UAE recognizes that the blessings enjoyed by its population can only be achieved through a set of global joint and sustainable efforts, ensuring that these blessings continue to be provided to future generations.

Thus, at this First World Conference on the Grace Preservation, all efforts to protect these graces and maintain their use come together, sending the message to all those who follow the conference and those who work to preserve them. However, this huge effort can only be realized with the contribution of everyone in society, where reducing waste and excessive consumption of graces, and making the best use of them, is an individual and social responsibility that is no less important than the governmental and international contribution.

May the First World Conference on the Grace Preservation be a new beginning in the journey of preserving these blessings, and a moral and social enhancement for all who want to be a giving part in protecting the planet and its blessings, so that we all have a sustainable future in which everyone appreciates the blessings of life.

Why should you be part of this event?

Participating in this first World Conference on Grace Preservance gives you an opportunity for emotional enrichment and continuous learning. You will feel inspired and motivated to save grace, reduce waste, and be more positive and full of hope for the future.

The conference will provide you the opportunity to learn about successful global practices in the field of grace preservation and exchange ideas and experiences with experts in the field. You will also gain the knowledge and skills needed to enhance the sustainability of graces in your lives and communities by employing AI technologies.

We invite you to be part of a global breakthrough to preserve grace and build a better future for humanity. Let us work together and achieve our noble goals of preserving these precious graces under the theme "For all of us".

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